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We personally became Adventists in Key West, FL in the early 80's and embraced the Pathfinder & Adventurer ministry.
Our dedication has always been to the Lord and in keeping the Seventh-day holy!
We began our ministry selling Christian apparel, as well as custom designs & screen printing.
Over the years we evolved into providing resources to all Ministry groups locally and nationally.
The services we provide varies from custom shirt design & screen printing to embroidery and even custom pins & patches.
We continue to serve in many ministries such as:
Adventurers, Pathfinders, Master Guides, Childrens Ministry, Womens Ministry and Prision Ministries.
Come visit our store in Altamonte Springs, Florida where your club can be fitted for uniforms on display.
Take a look through our catalog products all of which can be customized to your church or clubs needs.
For more information, see our Contact Us page or come by anytime!

We strive to bring you new and inspiring products that will enhance your ministry.

     Thank You
 May God Bless Your Clubs

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