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Adventurer or Discovery Club Crest -12 piece set
Adventurer or Discovery Club Crest -12 piece set
Sale price: $42.00

just click 1 quanity which will order you a 12 piece set only. 2 QUANITY = 24 pieces and so on

Need them fast - choose a stitch production time that fits your schedule

You can proudly represent your club wearing our club crests.

We perfectly center your name on the crest and give you a nice column stitch count. We can accomodate most name lengths.

GREAT FEATURE--a commercial iron on backing is ADDED TO ALL OUR PATCHES. This helps to get it straight, save time and your finger tips.

Can be ironed on or sewed on. Just (put a piece of typing paper between the garment and position patch). Cover with another plain paper. Place hot dry iron directly on top-firmly and hold and press for 1-2 minutes until adhered. Let cool. Then you can add stitches for extra security

To remove go through same procedure of heating and just peel when hot.

Other patches for the Class A Shirt needed: Pathfinder Club patch, Pathfinder World Patch, Staff Title Strips, Conference Patch, & Class Level Pocket Tabs.

type your club name