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Discovery Club Class work -FREE Printable Download
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Program written by Lyndene Wright to help facilitate new parents

in her church wanting something for their young ones to participate in along with the adventurers

She has developed all the class work ,  total monthly class schedule from begining to end 

honors with the study guides for teachers Here is her testimony

After working in church ministries for 50 years (the bulk of it being in Children's minsitries), we have received many requests from family and friends of our church members to be able to use our materials in their churches.  This web site is an answer to those requests.  This site is for those who want to go the extra mile in thier ministry.  There are a variety of materials for Children's ministry that have been collected and organized by us, as well as some seminar handouts and power point presentations.  Our philosophy is that your best effort should be put forth in God's work, and that poorly prepared and second-rate programs do not reflect our Saviour in the proper light.  In the AY Clubs, the enhanced programs go well above and beyond what the conferences require.  All original material is copyrighted. However, it is not our desire to make any money from what we deem as our work for the Lord, so free use is granted to any church who wishes to use the material for non-profit activities.  All music and art work featured on this website are subject to their original copyright.  Where available, links or information is provided to the original artist.  If you have any comments or suggestions, please e-mail me through the "Contact Us" page.  May God bless your efforts as you work to bring the children and youth to the kingdom.